playground and park installations


We offer two types of installation services:
1. Community/volunteer installation
2. Turn-key installation by our certified installation team

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Two installation options

We offer two different installation options depending on your budget and your needs. Your Park N Play Representative will work with you to determine which option is best for your project.

Community/Volunteer Installations

This option is great for getting the community involved in the project, and for reducing overall costs. We'll ensure one of our fully certified installation leads is present on-site to supervise a group of local volunteers to install your equipment. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before the installation begins, and we'll make sure you're provided with the right instructions, tool lists, and overall guidance to ensure this is a success.

Turn-Key Installations

Our fully certified, in-house installation teams will install your entire project from beginning to end. Your project manager will handle all of the pre-planning, scheduling, and timelines leading up to the installation to remove as much friction in the process as possible.

Our installation teams are committed to respecting the green space of your site and providing quality workmanship. Most installations take between one and four days to complete.

Comprehensive installation processes

Running a safe, efficient, and organized worksite is our primary goal when installation your project. Our project managers and office staff work with our installation crews to achieve that goal.

We have a comprehensive construction management process:

Pre-Installation Site Visits

Whenever possible, installers and/or the project manager will conduct site visits before the installation, looking for overhead wires, the condition of the surrounding landscape, proximity of the site to the road, potential hoarding areas, water saturation on-site, etc.

We use this information to revise our installation schedule and approach.

Site Security

Public safety is our top priority. We make sure the site is secured at all times. Fencing will be supplied and installed by the installation crew (if specified as part of the scope of work.) The fencing will remain in place until the final inspection is passed.


Installers will arrange for One Call locate clearances before installation (if specified as part of the scope of work.)


Hard hats, safety boots, and fluorescent work clothing are worn at the site. Eye protection is worn when necessary. First aid kits will be supplied in key locations at the site. Installers are empowered to issue a "stop work" procedure should a situation be deemed unsafe or potentially harmful.


Our installation teams will have the required documentation onsite such as WSIB/WCB/COR, Clearance Certificates, Permits, Locates, and/or completed Form 1000 documentation.

Installers will have copies of all layouts, equipment installation instructions, and equipment specifications onsite.

Project Kick-Off Meeting

Park N Play will conduct a project kick-off meeting prior to starting the work to clarify any questions about the site and/or installation.

Road Closures

Installers will try to avoid closing/blocking roads or sidewalks for any period of time. Should a temporary blockage be deemed necessary, the installer will use pylons and/or a driver and flagman to direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Should an ongoing road blockage be required, we will coordinate with the municipality to arrange for appropriate road closures.

If required, fencing can be arranged to allow for pedestrian and bike traffic around the worksite.

Hours of Operation

We will work within the hours of operation set out by the municipality or school.

Site Communications

Our installers will conduct morning site meetings to review work for the day and provide updates to the project manager.

Change of Scope

Onsite changes are managed using our Internal Installation Change of Scope Workflow Process.

Use of Local Sources

Where possible, Park N Play will source local resources for the supply of materials or additional labour. We believe in supporting small businesses and will do so where we can.

If excavation is required, we will arrange with the client to stockpile resources for use elsewhere or source local disposal sites.


Park N Play and their installers work together to arrange for the supply and delivery of required incidentals such as aggregates and surfacing.

When required, Park N Play will coordinate the schedules of additional sub-trades.

Weather Delays

We make every effort to meet installation deadlines. However, inclement weather can cause unforeseen delays.

We monitor local weather conditions and forecasts and adjust our installation schedules every morning to account for work delays and weather issues.

Job Completion

Installers will leave the site neat and ensure all tools and equipment are removed. Installers are instructed to submit photographs and job completion reports when the installation is complete.

Is your installation team certified?

Yes. Our team is COR-certified, which means that we've invested the time and energy to develop health and safety programs and plans that go above and beyond established standards.

We make sure to conduct regular safety and hazard assessment meetings at the beginning of each installation project. Detailed reports of these assessments are sent to head office.

Essentially, you can trust that you're in good hands when you choose Park N Play. We take safety and security seriously.

Will you provide an installation schedule?

Yes! Your project manager will work with you on this. It will include deliverables, dates, responsibilities, milestones, and phases. It's a comprehensive document, but it helps to ensure we're keeping your costs low and adhering to the planned schedule.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. Park N Play has a comprehensive insurance package that includes liability insurance.

Will I get proof that my equipment is CSA compliant?

Yes. After we complete the installation of your project, we will provide you with a written and signed letter as proof that the equipment is CSA certified and has been installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations and standards.

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“I cannot say how pleased I am with the results of what Park N Play has come up with for our community. Your team addressed all our requests and provided two amazing options for us. As the saying goes “you hit the nail on the head”. Excellent job, Park N Play. Please give yourselves a big pat on the back from Heritage Hills Housing Co-op.
In addition to the amazing parks you came up with, I would also like to add a thanks for the information you have on your site and the direction of Steve to research the other available grants. It has saved me personally hours and hours of time looking for this information on my own. It has been such a pleasure thus far.”

– Sam Hansen, VP Maintenance

“We chose Tim Aylesworth and Park N Play for our playground structure because of the superb and consistent customer service, the ability to achieve our goal on a fast timeline, and his professionalism in handling all the changes we requested. …Tim and his design team put together a playground which is exciting, challenging and engaging. The feedback from the students, teachers, parents, and staff have been nothing but positive! We wholeheartedly recommend Tim and Park N Play. If we are to build another playground I wouldn’t hesitate to have Tim come in and design it!”

– Bonnie deGroot, Playground Committee Member

“Shelley and the rest of the team at Park N Play..,work as valuable team members on my projects and not only entertain my sometimes crazy ideas, but work with me to make award winning realities…I need a team that puts in the same excitement, dedication and passion in my projects as I do….Park N Play definitely exemplifies that.”

– Amber Lyons, Senior Landscape Architect

“The finished product is now one of the most beautiful parks in town in my opinion and from community feedback. From the town’s hassle free experience with this project, I would not hesitate to highly recommend Bob and his crew at Park N Play for any park design and play structure construction that you may be considering.”

– Jim Moss, Director of Development and Operations

My best summation of the Kinglet playground would be that it was a great collaboration of playground elements and design intent, along with a flawless installation leading to a fantastic playground and incredibly happy client and consultant.

– Jordan Gulayets, Landscape Architect Manager

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