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Therapeutic Outdoor Recreation Equipment

Father at a playground helping his daughter to play on the monkey bars outside

Outdoor recreation equipment is designed to build social, emotional, physical confidence - and it's not just for kids! We are pleased to provide those same benefits of play to older adults through the design, supply and installation of therapeutic fitness products, cognitive activity panels, shade and site furnishings and inter-generational activities well suited for senior living facilities.


Inclusive and accessible


Built to endure all types of weather


Solutions for people of all ages and abilities

playground and challenge course combination

Cognitive and physical stimulation

Fitness Products

There are many benefits to playing outdoors: exercise, social interaction, and fresh air do wonders for our health.

Research-based product lines such as the Challenge Course, GTfit and Thrive are designed to effectively improve personal wellness and fight obesity-related health risks. Each of these fitness systems offers a variety of age-appropriate equipment that provides a full body workout for people at all fitness levels.


Provides a unique experience


Stimulates fine and gross motor control development

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Woman exercising at an outdoor fitness park

Cognitive and social stimulation

Interactive Equipment

Our multi-generational equipment encourages people of all ages and abilities to enjoy time outside while being active.

The Yalp Sona is an interactive game arch that challenges the players again and again. The Sona is developed for indoor and outdoor use, and new games are continuously being developed, so the device remains interesting.

It works intuitively: if you walk under the bow, it will immediately ask you if you want to play a game! Different games can be selected at the touch of a button.


Promotes a healthy lifestyle


Appeals to those who prefer being outdoors


Canadian Safety Standards (CSA) compliant

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people climbing a rock climbing wall

Safe and accessible


Each playground or park is unique, which is why we offer pour-in-place or tiled rubber, sport court, sand, pea gravel, engineered wood fiber, and turf surfacing options.

For senior-focused projects, we usually recommend pour-in-place rubber or turf.

Each surfacing option has it's pros and cons, and we will work with you to determine which one works best for your project.

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Woman exercising at an outdoor fitness park

Creating the right space

Site Furnishings

Every park needs site amenities, and every park is different. That's why we carry multiple different product lines, so we can match your park or playground with the right site amenities. From themed seating options to custom furnishings, we have just what you need.


Eco-friendly options available


Standard, themed, custom options


Tables, planters, bollards, signage, shade, and more


Waste receptacles, bike racks, lighting, seating and more

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