Site Furnishings

Park-N-Play-Design wishbone site furnishing bench and waste receptable

At Park N Play, we do more than what’s expected. We provide a wide variety of site furnishings and amenities for your playgrounds and playspaces. We keep the whole theme as our focus point and create all the furnishings accordingly. Whether it’s the park benches, bike racks, garbage cans, we do it all and we integrate our offerings into any theme.

We care about the nature so while we create these furnishings, we ensure that we are using recycled plastic, eco-friendly stainless steel and our unique thermal coated vinyl dipped products offering a safe and tested long lasting finish.

Do you want to have the option that lets your client have memorial benches for a loved one at your park? Let our talented team of designers create the perfect memorial piece to remember your loved ones.

Our team will work with you throughout the process to ensure you get the look you want.

Get in touch with our experts and let us furnish your park.

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