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Father at a playground helping his daughter to play on the monkey bars outside

Children love to play outside, and they love to play in the water. Fortunately, we have some experience constructing splash parks that are both fun and safe for your community. There are many benefits to having a water park in your community, some of which include: a great way for children to get the daily exercise they need despite hot weather conditions, inclusive playground access for individuals of all ages and ability levels, and far less risks than a traditional pool.


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Water Splash Products

Father at a playground helping his daughter to play on the monkey bars outside

Cognitive and physical growth

Sensory Development

Studies show that playing with water provides children with a rich sensory experience, which is important for sensory integration and cognitive development. Not a bad benefit to go along with the exercise and all the fun to be had at one of these splash parks, am I right?

Another interesting benefit that children get from playing at a splash pad is the development of their imagination. The children get to observe and try to understand the physics of the water that they are playing with.

Father at a playground helping his daughter to play on the monkey bars outside

Having fun and making memories

Building Social Skills

Splash parks provide a fun and exciting environment for children to explore and play together, as well as get very important social interaction time.

In our increasingly digitized world it is very important for children to have some time where they are disconnected from the online world and use their creativity and imagination to have fun and make memories with the physical world around them.

Father at a playground helping his daughter to play on the monkey bars outside

If you can dream it, we can build it

Endless Design Options

We offer multiple options for your project. We can do a fully custom design and build, a mix of custom and pre-designed elements, or a completely pre-designed park. We'll work with you and your budget to come up with the best option possible.

Regardless of what your goals and needs are for your park space, Park N Play will provide you with the knowledge, experience, and expertise you need for your community splash park to thrive.

Father at a playground helping his daughter to play on the monkey bars outside

Safe, inclusive, and accessible

Meeting the Highest Standards

From stainless steel spray features & accessories to "Fun Forms" that can be shaped into any creation, we strive to be the very best in providing safe, durable long lasting fun water parks.

Accessibility requirements are always met and additional measures are taken to ensure inclusive play for all. Park N Play strives to make sure all projects are inclusive and accessible.

Feel confident knowing you have the right tools

Water Management Systems & Controllers

A splash park controller is the heart and the brain of any aquatic playground, overseeing and automating all aspects of its operations. Water Splash's Eco-Conserver series of fully programmable electronic controllers are simply the most versatile and technically advanced controllers available today. Not only do they control park operations, group products by zones, set product spray sequences but can also control lightning arresters, and provide live Internet monitoring and control of the park operations.

Water Splash manufactures complete water re-circulation systems at its state of the art production facilities. These systems employ a variety of techniques to maintain desired water chemistry levels using UV radiation treatment and CO2 and salt systems that eliminate the need to use chlorine and acid. Water re-circulation systems are fully integrated with the Eco-Conserver series of control panels and are factory assembled and tested before shipping.

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