Custom and Themed Playground Equipment

So you have a specific vision or idea for your space, but haven't found the right playground equipment to match it? Look no further. When you work with Park N Play Design, you'll get access to our in-house team of designers, as well as the Landmark Design team from our partners at GameTime. We can design custom equipment and structures to bring your idea to life.


20+ years of experience


Custom equipment and structures


Award-winning designs for creativity


Helping you bring your idea to life

Father at a playground helping his daughter to play on the monkey bars outside

The Park N Play Design Difference

How we design custom and themed playgrounds and spaces for our clients.

A 6-Step Proven Process

The success of any project lies in the details. We take painstaking efforts to make sure your dream comes to life exactly as you imagined. We identify goals and objectives, outline a clear plan to achieve them and involve you every step of the way.



Let’s creatively brainstorm and prioritize the desired project outcomes. We’ll consider historical, cultural, and educational opportunities, explore accessibility and universal design, and discuss materials to minimize environmental impact.


Needs Assessment

Now is the time to determine the best site location and how to secure the property for the project. We’ll consider the number of children and adults who will use the space, how to create age-appropriate play, and any special requests. We’ll also review the project timeline and budget.


Preliminary Design

Let’s get input from key stakeholders and community
groups, including parents and children, to ensure
everyone is heard. We can help you host a design workshop or town hall meeting to brainstorm ideas and hone in on a central theme. This is the perfect time to review the project timeline, sequencing, and budget.

custom earthscape natural wood play equipment
custom stegosaurus playground equipment in meadowview, leduc


Final Design

During the preliminary design phase, we’ll provide early sketches and drawings to help determine the style of your new play space. Now it’s time to finalize the concepts. This is also when you’ll receive a final proposal with a budget, timelines, and responsibilities assigned to all parties.


Final Approval

Once the final design, budget and schedule are approved, it’s time to place the order for your materials. Final engineering, including detailed component shop drawings, takes place after the order is placed. On select projects, the approval phase will include scale models or a visit to our design and manufacturing studio for approval of key details.


Site Construction

This is where dreams become reality, and you see how all the planning pays off. We help coordinate an expert team of site contractors, certified playground equipment installers and play specialists to prepare the site, assemble all the components, and bring the play space to life.

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