colorful surfacing integrated with colorful playground equipment

We offer a variety of surfacing solutions for your playground. Sand, gravel, rubber or mulch; we will get it done.

Our surface recommendations are complaint with the American Disability Act for Accessible Surfacing.
We also provide Artificial Turf which can be used as a surface for the playground. It is considered the safest surface and provides a more natural look. It can be designed for any play space and requires low maintenance.

Rubber tiles are another way to add a colourful pattern to any surface. They come in a 2x2 ft size along with adhesive glue. We will bring your vision of any pattern i.e. multiple colours like a tic tac toe, rainbow colours, branding as required to life.

We can also do custom order of pour in place, we will do any design of tile pattern just the way you like the best thing is that it requires the least maintenance and has a long life.

Get in touch with our experts and talk to us about our surfacing options.

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