Marquis Playground (Edmonton, AB)


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17435 – 7 Street NE Edmonton, Alberta

Project Partner

  • Qualico


  • Engineered wood fibre


Age range 18 months - 12 years



Baby Swing

Standard Swing

Expression Swing

Saucer Swing

Musical features

Sensory features


Zipline spinner

Net Structure

Exercise Equipment

Project Details

Qualico Communities again created a community unlike any other, nestled in north Edmonton beyond what most of knew was even within city limits, bordering the river and packed with nature is Marquis. A true farm to table display of history evolving. We are thrilled to have been part of the planning and partnering with Qualico to create a community space for all generations. Featuring a 100% custom tower and playground featuring western Canada's first Lappset interactive - The Memo! A custom grain tower to celebrate the farm before the community and a grain elevator shelter with ample family seating and harvest gatherings. The community space will inspire friendships and memories for years to come. The playground is one that, like Qualico, is set apart from any other in the region. This playground features our Modern City tot lot, places to spin, climb, slide and play games of grounders. A design that inspires movement, free play, and imagination. This site highlights many of our proprietary GameTime pieces and our custom capabilities. I highly recommend a trip to discover multi-generational play with The Memo. The Memo is solar powered and is an interactive that allows children and adults of all abilities to play together. Pack a picnic and enjoy the seating and grain elevator shelter that were intentionally designed to create highlight the farming history of this community.

"The Marquis Playground is home to the first Yalp Memo in Western Canada! What is a Yalp Memo you ask? (That was the question I had when I first heard about it!) It’s a series of seven pillars set in a playfield. LED lights and audio offer game choices and instruction and players get to run around the various posts to complete tasks. There is everything from speed games to math questions!The girls LOVED it, and truth be told, I did too! But wait – there’s more! This playground is also home to a musical merry-go-round! It plays music and lights up when it is turning, making it truly a kid-powered machine!Marquis playground has a cute toddler structure with a really fun twisting board. (Think the ab twister but with ropes to hang onto!) The big kid park is a unique design with a great tower. Accessories at this park include a music/panel board, monkey bar variations, and swings (2 standard, 1 accessible and 1 parent/baby tandem swing). There are benches and an old grain silo is onsite as a picnic shelter!"

Thanks to Jill from for the amazing photos and review.

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