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Playground Equipment

child hanging from orange monkey bars


Playgrounds are powerful influencers in the cognitive, physical and emotional development of children. They provide pathways to love and social connection and teach children valuable skills. Park N Play Design is a leading provider in custom designed and manufactured playground equipment. Our equipment is built to the highest possible CSA safety standards while providing the ultimate in play experience for kids of all ages.

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Interactive Play Equipment

children playing under adult supervision under the yalp sona arch interactive play equipment


Take your play space to the next level with interactive playground equipment. Bringing technology to outdoor play creates a personalized play experience for kids of all ages, creating "gaming in the real world" to encourage more fun and more time outdoors.

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Natural Playground Equipment

Hexagonal wobble boards in front of custom Timber Towers


Natural playgrounds are a great way to encourage a strong environmental connection to play. Made primarily from wood, natural playgrounds also incorporate other organic elements to encourage multi-sensory play. We use wood, rope, steel, and other materials such as water and dirt combine to bring a creative playspace to life with equipment hand-crafted here in Canada from high-quality material and a sustainable process.

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Splash Pad Equipment

Splash Pad Equipment integrated with playground equipment


We realize the importance of water in the sensory play experience.  We are proud to supply aquatic play equipment for splash pads, pools and waterparks specifically designed for interactive water play. We create a unique fun inspired mix of rides, attractions and water settings that will bring people back again and again.

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Fitness & Sport Equipment

Get Fit

Fun, fitness and sports we do it all. We will install all fitness equipment at your playground so adults can focus on their workout while having fun. We can will create workout stations that will offer you a full body work out or focus on a specific muscle set.

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Site Furnishings & Furniture

Park-N-Play-Design wishbone site furnishing bench and waste receptable

Parks & Playgrounds

We can supply and outfit your park or playground with multiple site furnishings and amenities, such as benches and tables, bike racks, dog waste bag dispensers, shade structures, and waste and recycling bins. We provide a variety of choices for materials and order size. Our materials including eco-friendly recycled plastic, stainless steel, and thermal coated vinyl and we can supply quantities from one to one hundred plus.

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Surfacing for Parks & Playgrounds

playground with colorful surfacing


We offer playground surfacing options that are safe for kids to play on and easy to maintain. Different options to fit different budgets. Surfacing is a key component to consider when designing a new play space. It's important to consider the needs of the community when choosing your surfacing. We are happy to consult with you on the best option for your project.

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Dog Park Equipment

two dogs in a dog park amenity


Build a community destination that provides the opportunity for exercise and interaction between dogs in a secure environment. Leash Free and Agility Pet Park designs are based on popular agility obstacles and have been developed for use by dogs of all abilities and confidence levels. Most of all, Bark Parks bring people and communities together by building attractive and fun places for pets and their families to exercise and socialize!

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Senior Living Spaces


Why should kids have all the fun? Here at Park N Play Design, we see the social, emotional, educational and confidence building benefits of bringing play to children through inclusive and accessible playgrounds. We are pleased to bring those same residual benefits of play to older adults through the design, supply and installation of therapeutic fitness products, cognitive activity panels, shade and site furnishings and inter-generational activities well suited for senior living facilities.

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