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Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Father at a playground helping his daughter to play on the monkey bars outside

There are many benefits to playing outdoors: exercise, social interaction, and fresh air do wonders for our health. However, the difficulty is designing a community space that can provide fitness solutions for all age groups. We've specifically chosen product lines that can be adapted and designed to provide fitness opportunities for the entire community.


CSA compliant


Built to endure all types of weather


Solutions for people of all ages and abilities


Solutions for schools, universities, and communities

playground and challenge course combination

A community destination

The Challenge Course

The Challenge Course is GameTime’s exclusive line of outdoor obstacle course equipment. No matter the age group you are accommodating, GameTime offers equipment for everyone.

GameTime’s Challenge Course was designed with a simple goal in mind: to bring families, communities and friends together to socialize while improving their fitness.


Brings the community together


Provides a unique experience


Stimulates fine and gross motor control development


Solutions for all ages

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Woman exercising at an outdoor fitness park

Made for the outdoors

Exercise Equipment

Our multi-generational equipment encourages people of all ages and abilities to enjoy time outside while being active.

Research-based product lines such as the Challenge Course, GTfit and Thrive are designed to effectively improve personal wellness and fight obesity-related health risks. Each of these fitness systems offers a variety of age-appropriate equipment that provides a full body workout for people at all fitness levels.


Promotes a healthy lifestyle


Appeals to those who prefer exercising outdoors


Canadian Safety Standards (CSA) compliant

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people climbing a rock climbing wall

Industry leading

Rock Climbing & Jungle Gyms

Indoor rock climbing is one of the most innovative physical activities today. It not only builds physical skills, but also helps to develop social-emotional and academic skills.


Physical, cognitive, social, and academic benefits


Solutions for children and adults


Accessories available


Remains challenging for long-term fun

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school gym flooring and basketball nets

Your one stop shop

Solutions for Schools

We offer a full line of sports equipment for schools, universities, and communities across Canada.

If you need to outfit your gym, outdoor track area, or create a football, basketball, soccer, golf, rugby, hockey, field hockey or lacrosse field, we've got your back.

Take a look at our catalog below or contact us to learn more.


Indoor & outdoor seating


Gym covers, curtains, and mats


Netting, sports equipment, and wall padding


Gym flooring

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