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Playground Planning Guide

Upgrading or installing a new playground is such an exciting endeavor! However, it can be quite a daunting undertaking if you don't have previous experience.

We've learned a lot about building playgrounds over the last 20+ years, and we've packaged all of that learning into this handy dandy guide for you. It's meant to guide you along your playground planning journey so you end up with a playground you love.

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  • What’s covered:

  • The 5-step process of planning a playground

    You'll learn how to define your objective, conduct a needs assessment, choose the right site, select equipment, and fundraise!

  • Key factors to remember when determining your budget

    We provide a list of key factors you need to be thinking about ahead of time so you understand all of potential costs associated with your project.

  • Notes on accessibility and inclusivity

    Our certified inclusive design educators weigh in on how to think about accessibility and inclusivity for your playground, and offer some best practices to get you started.

playground planning guide front page preview