Parc Réunis (Beaumont, AB)


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72 Street & 52 Avenue, Beaumont, Alberta

Project Partner

  • Invistec


  • Pour in place rubber


Age range 9 - 13



Baby Swing

Standard Swing

Expression Swing

Saucer Swing

Musical features

Sensory features


Zipline spinner

Net Structure

Exercise Equipment

Project Details

Dream created Élan to celebrate and integrate Beaumont's Franco-Albertan heritage with "inviting porches, unique New France-inspired architecture, and an altogether more relaxed, more connected pace of life." Learn more about the community of Élan.

Dream tapped Park N Play Design's extensive experience designing and installing playgrounds and the Landscape Architecture firm, Invistec, for help bringing their Parc Réunis vision to life. We're all incredibly proud of the result, and Parc Réunis is quickly becoming a hub in the community. 

"At the heart of the community, Élan's central Parc Réunis offers incredible, imaginative wood-built playgrounds designed to offer physical challenge and beneficial play." 

We knew right away that our Earthscape Collections product line would be the perfect fit for the wooden & natural features of the project. We chose GameTime's Thrive Fitness Systems for the outdoor fitness areas due to their superb durability and functionality. We knew they could stand up to the harsh Alberta winters.

Élan's Parc Réunis has three distinct spaces to discover: the main Timber Tower area, a junior adventure play area, and a Thrive Fitness area. 

The Timber Tower 3 is the most EPIC playground tower in the Earthscape Collections group. With incredible interior play value, this playground structure incorporates ropes, nets, slides, flexform ramps, and more into a vast structure that gives Élan its "wow" factor.

The Timber Tower is a modern approach to playground towers, with vertical cladding on each side and stainless steel mesh panels for visibility into the structure (and to see the fantastic views!). The angled roof of the tower makes this a striking aesthetic addition to the playground, which is why we felt it would be a perfect fit for Élan.

"Possibly the most EPIC slide in the capital region, the curly slide at the central playground in Parc Reunis is a MUST-DO for parents and kids alike! (In fact, we had more fun when we rode the slide together!)" - Jill from

The junior adventure area contains Earthscape's Slide Platform 900. This equipment is a great way to incorporate a slide into a junior adventure playground area. The triangular shape of the slide platform allows for three routes of access and egress. One side is a slide, and another has a flexform sling seat with small holes that may help children pull themselves up. The third side is a low Post and Rope. The Slide Platform 900 is functionally linked with other Post and Rope elements for the ultimate game of grounders. You'll also find Log Jams, which offer open-ended play opportunities for older children, teens, and adults! Log Jams vary in height, complexity, and challenge, making them a perfect option for both natural-themed playgrounds and adventure playgrounds (Élan is both!). Log Jams are a challenging, fun, and non-prescriptive play element which has been shown to be phenomenal for providing opportunities for healthy risk-taking. 

THRIVE Fitness Systems are located in two different spaces, so any community member trying to improve overall health and wellness can also find value in the park. The composite fitness structures each feature various equipment to provide a full body workout for people of all fitness levels. The compact equipment can fit on smaller pieces of land and accommodate multiple people at once, making it fun and easy for people to train together. THRIVE systems add a fun way to be outside while working on your fitness! THRIVE training stations include step-up platforms, variable monkey bars, sit-up benches, Swedish ladders, medicine ball throw stations and knee-lift dip stations – to name a few!

Poured-in-place rubber is one of the most durable and longest-lasting surfaces available for parks and playgrounds. Its seamless layer ensures that mobility devices such as wheelchairs, crutches or walkers can glide over it smoothly, minimizing the risk of falls and ensuring that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy each section of the playground. It adheres to safety guidelines outlined by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). We want to give a special shout-out to Prairie Rubber for their help installing the surfacing. 


Product Lines: Earthscape CollectionsGameTime's Thrive Fitness Systems

Address: 72 Street & 52 Avenue, Beaumont, Alberta

Age range: 18 months - 12 years for the play areas. The outdoor fitness areas are suitable for all ages

Surfacing: Pour-in-place rubber

Accessibility: This playground is accessible with pour-in-place rubber surfacing

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Thanks to Jill from for the amazing photos and review of Elan.

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