Lisgar Park (Hamilton, ON)


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95 Carson Dr, Hamilton, ON L8T 4M5

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  • Engineered wood fibre


18 months - 12 years



Baby Swing

Standard Swing

Expression Swing

Saucer Swing

Musical features

Sensory features


Zipline spinner

Net Structure

Exercise Equipment

Project Details

Featured in the senior play structure (ages 5 years to 12 years) design is a fully ramped structure off the existing concrete ramp. This will allow those using a mobility device to fully access the structure. While below deck, we’ve incorporated retreat spaces such as fun seats, and store panels. Many freestanding items such as the Sensory Spinning Seat, Sensory Cove Climber, and the Roxall See Saw are also fully inclusive. This structure also offers graduated levels of challenge and opportunities to climb, balance, brachiate, and slide. A climbing circuit has been included to allow more experienced users to challenge their upper body skills.

The junior structure (ages 18 months – 5 years) of the structure features beginner level climbing and play experiences, connected by our crawl tube allows users to practice beginner level skills before progressing onto the senior structure.

The playground was awarded two National Demonstration Site awards for "Play On" meaning that we used the latest research to design and create a playground that promotes youth fitness, and the 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design, meaning that this playground was designed and built using the industry leading research.

Accessibility: This playground is fully accessible with engineered wood fiber surfacing, multiple transfer areas, and numerous ground-level play opportunities.

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