Playground Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Now Available

Playground Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Now Available

Like so many of you, we are excited to see parks and playgrounds re-opening across Canada! But we must all still remain vigilant about our own, and each other’s, safety with proper hand hygiene. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention have identified hand sanitizer as an effective tool to support this, especially when soap and water aren’t available.

So, we’ve worked closely with our friends at GameTime to help make it easier for your community to stay safe while having fun at the playground with Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stations.

These stations are available in three formats: pump, lever or automated touchless, each with the option to add a waste bin to the station. All stations include a hefty 20-guage aluminum locking enclosure and can be installed with either in-ground, surface-mount or wall-mount options. You can choose the installation best suited to easy access for use before, during, and after time spent at your park.

In addition to regular playground maintenance and cleaning, hand hygiene plays a critical role in ensuring everyone can play safely together at the playground.

Interested in bringing these stations to your park? Contact us and we’ll get you started!

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