Top Areas to Check to Ensure A Safe, Well-Maintained Playground

Top Areas to Check to Ensure A Safe, Well-Maintained Playground

Upkeep and maintenance are a natural part of playground development and management.

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The more play your park sees, the more wear and tear will naturally occur.

While this can be a good problem to manage  (since it means your playground is getting put to good, fun use!), it is important to stay on top of maintenance and safety needs. This not only keeps the playground in top playing condition but helps you manage major upgrade or repair costs with regular maintenance.

Performing regular safety inspections is one of the easiest ways to ensure you can address any new or ongoing issues in an effective, timely manner. Some of the top areas to consider include:

  • PLAYGROUND ACCESS/AREA: This includes pathways, benches, shade structures and waste/recycling disposals.
  • SURROUNDING VEGETATION: Watch for sod, shrubs, plants and trees that may need to be replaced
  • PLAYGROUND STRUCTURES: Consider the play of the playground and the ability the structures are built for. This may include identifying new structures to be added for more inclusive play.
  • PLAYGROUND COMPONENTS: Keep an eye for any cracks, tears or elements in need of repair.
  • GENERAL CLEANLINESS: Look for litter and recycling to tidy up, keeping the space clean and ready for play!

Using a checklist with a detailed understanding of each of these sections is an easy way to make sure your inspection is detailed and consistent, making it easier for it to become a part of your regular monthly routine.

We’ve built a basic checklist to get you started which you can download here or, for a comprehensive checklist specific for your playground, contact us.

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