How to Get A Skatepark Built in Your Town or Community

How to Get A Skatepark Built in Your Town or Community

Skateboarding is a popular recreational activity that provides countless benefits for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Skateparks offer a dedicated space for skateboarders to hone their skills, foster community, and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

If your town or community lacks a skatepark, you may wonder how to make it a reality. This article aims to guide you through how to get a skatepark built, helping you rally support, engage with local authorities, and secure the necessary resources.

Steps for Building a Skatepark in Your Community

  1. Form a Skatepark Advocacy Group
  2. Conduct Research
  3. Identify Potential Sites
  4. Engage with Local Authorities
  5. Build Community Support
  6. Develop a Comprehensive Proposal
  7. Seek Funding
  8. Maintain Momentum
  9. Celebrate the Achievement

Form a Skatepark Advocacy Group

skatepark advocacy

The first step in getting a skatepark built is to gather like-minded individuals who share your passion. Forming a skatepark advocacy group will allow you to pool resources, knowledge, and efforts toward a common goal.

Reach out to local skaters, boarders, parents, community members, and relevant organizations to build a strong coalition of supporters.

Conduct Research

If you're considering building a new concrete skatepark in your area, conducting thorough research is important to ensure its success. Take the time to locate successful skatepark projects in nearby towns or cities, and gather information about their construction, funding, and positive impact on the community.

In addition to this, it's important to compile statistics and studies highlighting the benefits of skateparks, such as improved physical fitness, increased community engagement, and reduced street skateboarding. You'll need to find out how many skaters in your area would likely use the skatepark, as this can help you tailor your planning and fundraising efforts.

With thorough research, you can build a strong case for your project and secure the necessary resources to bring it to life.

Identify Potential Sites

Identify potential locations for the skatepark within your town or community. Look for areas that are accessible, have enough space for the skatepark, and are situated away from residential areas to minimize potential noise concerns.

Consider underutilized or vacant spaces like parking lots, old tennis courts, or unused land that could be repurposed for a skatepark.

Engage with Local Authorities

Reach out to local government officials, such as city council members, community leaders, parks and recreation departments, or community development agencies, to present your case for a skatepark. Attend town meetings, present your research, and emphasize the benefits a skatepark can bring to the community.

Build relationships with key decision-makers and work towards gaining their support.

Build Community Support

build community support

Harness the power of community support by organizing events, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns. Host skateboarding demonstrations and fundraisers, and engage local media outlets to spread the word about your cause.

Encourage skateboarders, parents, and community members to sign petitions or write letters of support to demonstrate the demand for a skatepark.

Develop a Comprehensive Proposal

Develop a detailed proposal outlining the skatepark project's vision, design, and estimated costs. Include information on potential funding sources, such as grants, sponsorships, and skateboarding community donations.

Collaborate with local skatepark designers or architects to create a compelling visual representation of the proposed skatepark. The proposal should showcase the long-term benefits, safety measures, and potential positive impact on the local economy and tourism.

Seek Funding

Explore various funding options to finance the skatepark construction. Apply for grants specifically designated for local skatepark projects, sports, or youth initiatives in the skating community.

Seek sponsorships from local businesses, corporations, or skateboarding brands that align with the skatepark's mission. To gather additional financial support, organize community fundraisers to raise funds, such as skate-a-thons, raffles, or crowdfunding campaigns.

Collaborate with Experts

Engage with skatepark designers, engineers, and architects to ensure the skatepark meets safety standards, is aesthetically appealing, and suits the needs of different skill levels. Their expertise will help you develop a comprehensive plan addressing potential concerns or challenges.

Maintain Momentum

Throughout the process, it is crucial to maintain momentum and demonstrate your commitment to the cause. Continuously engage with local authorities, provide updates to your supporters, and address any concerns or objections raised by community members.

Celebrate small victories along the way to keep the enthusiasm alive.

Celebrate the Achievement

celebrate the achievement

It's time to celebrate! After countless hours of hard work and dedication from skatepark advocates, a concrete skatepark has been successfully built in your town or community.

The feeling of accomplishment is unmatchable and should be cherished. An excellent way to commemorate this milestone is to organize a grand opening. Not only is this an opportunity to exhibit the skatepark to the public, but it also allows local media outlets to broadcast the occasion, providing recognition to all those who supported the project.

Encouraging safe and responsible use of the new skatepark while fostering a sense of pride among community members is essential. Congratulations on achieving this remarkable accomplishment!

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Final Thoughts

Building a skate park in your town or community can be complex and time-consuming. To ensure success, you must involve stakeholders from the start, select an experienced design team, and find reliable construction partners.

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