Themes for Your Splash Pad

Themes for Your Splash Pad

Splash pads are a great way to liven up any park or outdoor area. It’s a low-cost way to provide fun activities for the kids. However, you need a proven and reliable playground equipment designer to create the ideal splash pad. To that end, Park N Play Design is the best in the business!

Themed Splash Pads

Park N Play Design is here to help you find the perfect theme for your splash pad. These themes can include superheroes like Spiderman or Wonder Woman. They can also have animals like dinosaurs or sharks or popular food items like pizza or ice cream cones! You name it, we can create it!

Themed Splash Pads Encourage Learning

Many children learn best when having fun, especially with very young children. Creating themed splash pads allows them to learn about different things in a fun way that doesn't feel like schoolwork.

At Park N Play Design, our designers will help you choose from a wide variety of options to create just what you want. We can even add features like water cannons or music players so that kids never get bored while playing on their new splash pad!

Add Excitement to the Park

Themed splash pads are a great way to add excitement and fun to your park. You can also customize your splash pad after popular characters from movies or books, or opt for seasonal event-themes like Christmas or Halloween. 

Themes for Your Splash Pad

Themes are a key part of any play area design, because they make it more exciting for children and adults alike. You don’t have to spend hours searching for one that works well with your current theme. We can create themed splash pads that fit your existing theme at your park or playground area. Let us take care of it for you!


Superheroes have always been popular with kids, so why not create a superhero-themed splash pad? We can create superhero logos on our splash pads and other themed items like slides and swingsets featuring these characters. Superheroes are an excellent theme for all ages, as everyone is familiar with them as an imaginative and exciting idea!

Educational Splash Pads by Your Playground Equipment Designer

We can create educational-themed splash pads that help children learn while they play. For example, these splash pads might use different colors and shapes to represent the four seasons. They may also have numbers on them so that children can see and become more familiar with counting while they play.

Pirate Themes

Pirates are always fun for kids because there is so much adventure involved with pirate stories! Kids can pretend they are sailing the high seas on their ship looking for treasure. This theme is also great because pirate ships can come in all shapes, sizes, and offer a means of fun creativity in design and play. Plus, they belong on the water!

Animal Themes

Frogs, amphibians and turtles are popular choices for animal-themed splash pads. You might also include birds or fish in this category of familiar, water-related animals. Or, incorporate the more wild kind of wildlife with fun safari animals they can be more imaginative with!

Dinosaur Themes

Kids love dinosaurs! Consider incorporating dinosaur images on the walls around the splash pad and using various types of dinosaurs as fountains. You can also make use of water sprayers. Your splash pad can have a lifelike dinosaur mouth opening up and spraying water everywhere! 

Park N Play Design is Your Reliable Playground Equipment Designer

Our splash pads come with themed designs that will delight all visitors. You’ll be sure to find something that fits perfectly into your vision of your park or outdoor area. Our experienced playground equipment designers know what works best when designing themed splash pads. 

We offer complete design services for all types of parks, schools, and other commercial properties. This includes design, construction, installation, and maintenance plans for each project we undertake. We also offer custom designs according to your needs and specifications!

Creating Your Ideal Splash Pad

We have been designing and building playgrounds for over 19 years. Our designers can help you create a great splash pad perfect for your park or playground area. We know how important it is to find a reliable manufacturer who can deliver on time and within budget limits. Our team will work with you from start to finish and ensure that all aspects of your project go smoothly from start to finish.

Park N Play Design is an expert in designing themed splash pads that will make your park stand out from all others in your area. We will design your splash pad to meet your needs and specifications. Park N Play Design can also help you choose from our many standard designs or create something unique.

Customize Your Splash Pad Now!

Your park or playground needs a splash pad that will be safe and fun for kids of all ages. Park N Play Design has the experience to design the ideal splash pad for your community! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build a custom splash pad!

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