Ideas in Play, At Home: Four Tips for Staying Active during Physical Distancing

Ideas in Play, At Home: Four Tips for Staying Active during Physical Distancing

Right now, we’re all at home a lot more which means keeping the kids, each other, and ourselves active and moving might be a bit more challenging. We get it, and we’re right there with you. These are strange and stressful times for us all right now. It’s important to take care of yourself and staying active has shown to help both relieve stress and improve mood.

So, we wanted to share some of the ways our team is keeping the fun and play going at home. Here are some of the top tips that our team is trying at home to stay active:

Spend Time Outside

Find some time in the fresh air, even just for 30 minutes, every day. Create some backyard fun with games and activities or head out for a walk in your area. To help minimize social contact, try first thing in the morning, or later in the evening, and try less traveled streets and avenues within your own neighborhood. If you are high-risk or living with those who are high-risk, open up the windows. As our Ontario Rep, Carissa, says: “It is amazing how much fresh air can do for spirits.”

Our Northern Alberta rep, Shelley, makes sure she finds reasons to stay active whether it’s taking the dog for a walk or just going the long way to the mailbox to keep moving.

Our Southern Alberta rep, Tim, adds: “Once it stops snowing here in Calgary I intend to go for a bike ride every morning.  As a sales rep, I am used to seeing the entire city every week, and it feels so weird not to see my city.  I miss it very much.”

Create the Family Fun

British Columbia rep, Danica, suggests sharing each other’s routines: “Your kids used to get recess and lunch breaks, so plan those and take them together. Get outside – try and burn off some of their pent up energy!”

Stay Physically Active and Socially Connected

Your local gym or fitness studio will likely be offering classes online, and oftentimes for free. Connect with your favorite studios – or ones you’d like to try – online and stay up-to-date with online class opportunities to try. Need a little extra accountability? Set up a video chat with a friend to take the class “together”!

Keep Hydrated and Eat Well.

This one may seem obvious, but stress and eating often don’t mix well, and we find ourselves over-indulging, forgetting to eat, and avoiding food. Drink plenty of water, eat some good and nutritious foods, and challenge yourself to learn how to cook something new!

We are in this together and we’ll get through this together. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy – and keep playing! Let us know how you're keeping the whole family active in the comments

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