Equipment Spotlight - GameTime RoxAll See Saw

Equipment Spotlight - GameTime RoxAll See Saw

Imagine you’re sitting on the wings of a dragonfly, but you’re really only a few feet off of the ground! That’s the kind of imaginative play that a seesaw can bring to an existing play space.

With commercial playground seesaws, a child can pretend they’re on the wings of an airplane, or even leaping like a frog off of the ground. Best of all, GameTime’s seesaws are inclusive. The RoxAll seesaw is suitable for up to four riders, and offers the same bouncing undulation as a traditional seesaw, but with a full chair and back.

Seesaws encourage children to interact and play together, or can be enjoyed by a parent and child. The concept is simple enough for younger children to grasp (up and down!) but fun enough for older children to enjoy. Research shows that when children are able to make eye contact with a parent during play, their experience initiates a harmonic meeting of the minds. A seesaw is the perfect vehicle for encouraging bonding and harmony between two friends, a parent and child, or a child and caregiver.

Commercial seesaws are a playground staple. Tried and true and consistently fun, they can open up the minds and imaginations of a new generation of users!

With high backs and side rails, each of the four seats on this innovative see-saw are designed to accommodate users of all abilities as they enjoy the rocking motion with their friends. The center saucer is designed for users to transfer easily to and from a mobility device and the durable, heavy-duty springs are made to last!


  • Inclusive see-saw activity for up to five users
  • High back seats with side rails provide additional support for children of all abilities
  • Center saucer is at transfer height for users with mobility devices

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