Equipment Spotlight - GameTime Sensory Wave® Climber

Equipment Spotlight - GameTime Sensory Wave® Climber

What if I told you that if you wanted a playground climber that allowed children of all abilities to enjoy the benefits of climbing while benefiting from sensory development, you would be out of luck?

Well, with the development and launch of GameTime's Sensory Wave Climber™, that reality has become history. The Sensory Wave Climber is the industry's first playground climber that allows children of all abilities to enjoy the benefits of climbing and sensory stimulation.

Now, you may be wondering how that can be possible. The Wave Climber has built in transfer areas to provide additional support for children in mobility devices, strategically placed hand holds, and a wide variety of auditory, visual, and tactile sensors.

The Wave Climber has climbed to the top of the ranks of inclusive playground equipment (beating over 16 finalists in it's category) to win the "Good Design® Award for Inclusive Play Product". Inclusive play isn't just about providing accessibility options, it's also about addressing social, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. The Wave Climber addresses all of these needs while providing a stimulating experience for children.

The Wave Climber has been a game-changer in providing additional accessible, inclusive, and sensory-rich play elements to our playground designs. The beauty of the Wave Climber is it's versatility. It's available as a deck-to-deck link, ground-to-deck link, or as a free-standing climber, it's the perfect fit for both new and existing playgrounds.

GameTime Sensory Wave Climber in three different configurations.
The Wave Climber's Versatility

The versatility doesn't just stop there. The Wave Climber is available in three different packages (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) with varying configurations of sensors. Or, you can choose your sensor configurations from nearly two dozen options to create a truly custom sensory play experience (The Wave Climber is also the industry's first climber to provide a customizable experience.)

Children taking advantage of a freestanding Wave Climber

Features and benefits:

  • GT Sensor packages available to create unique sensory experiences
  • Available in 5 free-standing configurations
  • Can be used as a deck-to-deck, ground-to-deck, or free-standing climber
  • Constructed of durable, recyclable materials
  • Backed by the industry's leading warranty

To learn more about GameTime’s Sensory Wave Climber®, check out these links:

If you're interested in including the Sensory Wave in your upcoming playground, or you want to add it to your existing playground, contact us.

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