6 Ways You Benefit From Natural Playground Equipment

6 Ways You Benefit From Natural Playground Equipment

Children who explore natural playgrounds are more active and play longer than those enjoying conventional swings and slides, studies suggest. When purchasing commercial playground equipment, it's crucial to integrate nature by making the surroundings as natural as possible for the kids. The goal is to increase interest among all kids and aid play and development. Here are six unique ways you’ll benefit from choosing natural playground equipment.

1. More Playing Time 

Natural playground equipment and settings are more accessible and welcoming to children of all abilities and backgrounds. Natural equipment doesn't discriminate because they are open to personal interpretation, and children can explore them in their unique creative ways. Plastic/artificial playgrounds are more structured and not as inclusive and accessible for children unless specifically designed as such. Having natural playground equipment can result in prolonged play sessions where children can train their creativity.

2. Better Creative Play

Natural playgrounds eliminate expectations and rules, replacing them with stimulating experiences and textures. The equipment is designed for open-ended play and presents children with the chance to figure out what they enjoy most. Children can also create new challenges and use the playground in unique ways. Playground designers can leverage nature-inspired equipment to enhance creative play while benefiting from splinter-free material.

3. Promote Active Play

Children at a natural playground spend more time on the games than those using standard swings, slides, and plastic equipment. Natural playground material allows children to create new challenges and explore the experience in unique ways. More time on the playground translates to better fitness levels and more active life. Kids who use nature-inspired equipment will become more active and fit because they enjoy the experience more for longer durations.

4. Create a Social Environment

Fostering a social environment where kids can develop their social and collaborative skills is one of the playground designer’s goals. Natural playground equipment can encourage children from all backgrounds to explore outdoor free play. The equipment is more accessible, welcoming, and open-ended, making it easier for children to develop crucial skills. Kids can learn the skills of cooperation, conflict resolution, communication, and interaction with peers.

5. Increase Learning about Nature

Kids can discover more about the natural world by exploring nature-inspired playground equipment. Some of the most effective natural playground equipment include tree climbers, log slice climbers, tree roofs, stump climbers, stacked timber walls, and lumberjack climbers. Interacting with such equipment can help children achieve greater focus, relieve stress/anxiety, and forge interest/curiosity in the natural world. The kids will also learn more about nature.

6. More Users & Interactions

Most parents want their kids to have the best playground experiences to aid their development. Since all experts recommend nature-inspired equipment and playgrounds, that’s what parents seek when taking their kids out to play. Playgrounds with natural equipment are more likely to attract more engagement, participation, and business.

Reliable Commercial Playground Equipment

Landscape architects, schools, churches, and municipalities can benefit from using natural playground equipment. They need a reputable commercial playground equipment supplier to ensure quality, durable and functional components. At Park N Play Design, we pride ourselves on offering all-inclusive and accessible playground designs. Our team can help you find the best natural replacement playground equipment or build the park/playground from scratch.

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