Product Spotlight: Earthscape Collections

Product Spotlight: Earthscape Collections

Remember the treehouses you played in all the time when you were a kid? Or the times you played in nature? Brings back memories, doesn't it? Well now our children can experience the same joy at their local playground.

Our Earthscape Collections product line is a collection of play systems that are built using sustainable species of wood, and are designed and constructed by play experts.

These wood play systems are perfect for providing an unstructured type of play, which is perfect for cognitive and physical development.

Earthscape Collections Tower series
A lot better than what you remember, am I right?

The Earthscape Collections provide that same nostalgic feeling you remember so well about treehouses and use the newest generation of play equipment design to provide fun and stimulate creativity and imagination.

With minimal maintenance requirements and a focus on safety integrated with every piece of equipment, there is plenty of reason for you to experience the fun of the Earthscape Collections.

Leaf wobble boards with howling coyote sculpture
Leaf wobble boards with howling coyote sculpture

Need more reasons why its the right fit for your next community playground? Earthscape's provides plenty:

Multiple studies prove that spending time in nature can greatly reduce stress levels. This is important with all the pressure on kids today, from standardized tests to extra-curricular activities, they need a break to be imaginative and creative.

The Earthscape Collection provides a variety of important benefits, including:

  • Physical challenge
  • Imaginative & social play
  • Multi-sensory experiences
  • Increased focus and attention
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Compliance with CSA safety standards
  • Sustainable, long-lasting wood species
  • Un-prescribed play for cognitive development

You might be wondering why you would want wood over metal and plastics? Wouldn't metal or plastics last longer?

Not necessarily. Earthscapes designs their play systems for a 25+ year lifespan. The wood used is not just chosen because it looks amazing, but because it's also resistant to rot, insects, disease, and wear and tear—making it a breeze to maintain. Additionally, wood is pleasant to the touch, doesn't get too hot or cold and brings a natural connection to the earth. What more could you want?

A child entering an Earthscape Log Tower
Slide rails off an Earthscape Log Jam
A child swinging from a net inside an Earthscape Timber Tower
Earthscape Log Tower and slide combination

Isn't it time for the next generation to experience the joys of natural and sustainable playground systems?

You can view the full collection at their website.

Interested in adding Earthscape Collections play systems to your upcoming park or playground? Contact us.

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