Meet the Team: Tim Aylesworth

Meet the Team: Tim Aylesworth

We have so much fun getting to meet so many of you creative city planners, school parent committee members, landscape architects and community members! Similarly, we feel very lucky to get to work with so many talented members within our team – so we want to introduce ourselves to you! Each month, we feature a member of our team to help get to know us a little better.

This month, meet Tim Aylesworth our regional sales representative who helps clients across Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan build playgrounds for kids of all-ages and all-abilities to enjoy!

Tim Aylesworth at the grand opening for the Mattie McCullough Elementary School Barrier-Free Playground
Tim, with the West Campus Development Trust Team, accepting The City of Calgary Access Recognition Award for Commons Park Inclusive Playground

Tim brings deeply specialized experience designing for inclusive play to his projects, creating playgrounds like the Mattie McCullough Elementary School Barrier-Free Playground, Fireside School Inclusive Playground and the Commons Park Inclusive Playground to build a space for everyone to have playground fun!

For Tim, a playground is more than just monkey bars and swings. He brings creativity and proven insights to every project, putting himself in his customer’s shoes to make sure planning the playground is as fun as the playground itself, for everyone.

In his spare time, Tim loves playing Fantasy Football – he’ll always gladly talk playground and football shop with you!

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