The Ultimate Guide on How to Learn Parkour

The Ultimate Guide on How to Learn Parkour

Parkour, a mesmerizing blend of physical discipline and creative expression, captivates those seeking adventure beyond conventional sports. Parkour has evolved into a global phenomenon that challenges the human body and mind, originating as a method for navigating obstacles with speed and efficiency, 

The allure of moving freely through urban landscapes or natural settings sparks a unique sense of freedom and achievement. However, embarking on this journey requires a thoughtful and structured approach. 

This ensures that enthusiasts learn safely and effectively, maximizing both enjoyment and progression.

Understanding Parkour: A Brief Overview

Parkour, often described as the art of displacement, emerged in France in the late 1980s. It is a discipline that challenges parkour athletes to move from one point to another within a complex environment without assistive equipment, achieving this most quickly and efficiently possible.

This discipline is not just about physical agility; it demands mental conditioning, sparks creativity, and encourages self-expression. Beyond mere physical activity, parkour embodies a more profound philosophy: transcending physical and mental barriers.

The spirit of the parkour community is all about helping each other, being humble, and working together to improve. People who do parkour, called traceurs, make a friendly space where everyone helps each other overcome obstacles and improve their skills.

This welcoming feeling makes parkour unique and different from free running, which usually cares more about how movements look. It shows how parkour is about growing together as a group.

Learning Parkour: Where to Start?

Learning Parkour

Learning parkour can feel like embarking on a s

uper exciting quest full of jumps, flips, and adventure. But where do you begin? Here’s a simple guide to get you started on your parkour journey:

1. Prepare Your Mind

Starting your parkour adventure is super exciting, and guess what? It all begins in your mind, like gearing up for a superhero mission.

Before you jump into making cool moves, it’s essential to understand that being safe and caring for yourself is part of the adventure. Think of it as getting your brain muscles ready by being patient, trying even when it gets tough, and bouncing back like a rubber ball when things don’t go as planned.

Imagine you’re on a quest, and the first treasure to find is a chest full of patience, persistence, and resilience. With these treasures, you’ll be all set to tackle any challenge parkour throws your way, turning you into a real-life action hero.

2. Get in Shape

Jumping into parkour is like joining the League of Playground Superheroes, and every hero needs to be in fantastic shape. Think of your body as your superhero suit, which needs to be strong, speedy, and super flexible.

You can get there by doing fun exercises like pretending to be a statue (for strength), racing the wind (for speed), and trying out some cool yoga moves (for flexibility). These are called bodyweight exercises, and they’re like secret training to prepare you for any parkour adventure.

3. Learn Balance

Balance is like a superpower for a parkour ninja. It helps you stay on your feet, whether walking on a thin line or landing from a big jump.

You can become a balance master by playing games like “The Floor is Lava” on a balance beam or doing activities that make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. This unique training, proprioceptive training, is about knowing where your body is in space so you can move smoothly and confidently through any challenge.

4. Practice Safety Shoulder Rolls and Landing

Imagine you’re a superhero learning how to land softly and roll like a ninja to avoid getting boo-boos. The secret trick? Start practicing your superhero rolls and landings on something soft like grass or mats.

It’s all about learning to tumble without getting hurt, making sure you can jump back up and save the day. You can try rolling on different surfaces as you get better and feel braver.

It’s like being a cat, always landing on your feet softly and ready to leap into action again.

5. Learn Vaulting, Jumping, and Climbing Maneuvers

Parkour offers the magical ability to climb, jump, and vault over obstacles that usually block your path—transforming the real world into an exhilarating, interactive video game. Start with simple techniques, such as practice jumping over small barriers or scaling a low wall, reminiscent of playing “The Floor is Lava.”

Mastering these foundational skills is crucial; focus on perfecting each precision jump and movement, gradually integrating them to enhance your forward momentum. This way, you can navigate your environment with the agility and flair of your favorite action heroes.

Remember, every accomplished jumper and climber begins with the basics, so cherish the journey of improving step by step, transforming into an even more incredible version of yourself.

6. Practice Wall Run/Tic-Tac

Imagine sprinting up a wall like your favorite cartoon character or superhero, momentarily defying gravity. That exhilarating sensation is what mastering a wall run or tic-tac in practice parkour embodies.

It’s like having superpowers: You use your speed, a bit of muscle, and perfect timing to get up high walls or obstacles. First, you’ll want to practice running toward a wall and giving it a light kick, almost like you’re trying to step up into the air.

It sounds like magic, but with practice, you’ll be doing it in no time. As you advance, incorporating moves like the kong vault can add to your repertoire, enhancing your ability to tackle even more formidable obstacles.

7. Develop Your Style

As you master these cool parkour moves, you can start mixing them up and making them your own, kind of like creating your very own superhero costume or dance. This is your chance to show off what makes you, well, YOU! Whether you love spinning around, jumping super high, or running really fast, you can combine your favorite moves in your own special way.

Parkour is like painting or drawing; everyone has their style, and yours will show everyone exactly who you are. Your flair that practices parkour will reveal your identity to the world, making a statement that is uniquely yours. Embrace your creativity and let your parkour practices narrate the extraordinary tale of who you are.

8. Pick a Starting and Finishing Point

Think of your parkour practice like going on a treasure hunt. You need to know where you’re starting from and where you want to end up. Before you begin, pick a spot to start your adventure, like the big oak tree in the park.

Then, choose where you want to finish, maybe the cool fountain across the way. Your mission is to get from the tree to the fountain, but here’s the fun part: along the way, you’ll find obstacles like benches, low walls, and maybe some rocks.

Your challenge is to move over, under, or around these “obstacles” using your parkour skills, turning your journey into an extraordinary adventure. It’s like setting up your obstacle course, but the park decides the course, and you have to get creative to reach the treasure at the end!

Training Safely and Responsibly

Starting your parkour adventure is relaxed and fun, but knowing where to begin and how to keep it safe is also essential. Here’s how you can kick off your parkour journey the right way and make sure you’re constantly training safely and responsibly:

Spotting and Safety Techniques

Just like in a superhero team-up, practicing parkour moves with a buddy can make learning safer and more fun. They can watch your back as you try new moves, helping you land safely and giving tips.

It’s like having your sidekick to ensure every adventure ends without scrapes or bruises.

Understanding and Respecting Your Limits

Imagine your body is like a video game character that has energy levels. If you push too hard, you might run out of energy or get a game over from an injury.

So, listen to what your body tells you, like when it’s time to rest or when a jump feels too big, keeping your parkour adventures safe and fun. This method guarantees that your parkour adventures stay safe and fun, mainly when you’re working on techniques such as the speed vault.

Navigating Public Spaces

Engaging in parkour in outdoor settings, imagine yourself as a visitor in a vast, natural gallery. You need to move thoughtfully to avoid disrupting “displays” (like individuals and their possessions) and avoid areas that are not meant for practice.

By being considerate and alert, you ensure a positive atmosphere for everyone present, permitting you to further explore and enjoy this magnificent open-air venue. This respectful approach is equally critical when you’re inside parkour gyms, maintaining an environment where everyone can train and have fun safely.

Choosing the Right Gear

Dressing up for parkour is like putting on your superhero costume—it should help you move freely and protect you, too. Wear comfy clothes that let you twist and turn quickly and shoes with a good grip for those daring leaps and landings.

It’s like gearing up for an adventure, ensuring you’re ready for action, safe and sound.

Warm-Up and Cool-Down

Before you start leaping and tumbling:

  1. Get your body ready with a warm-up, like how a race car needs to warm up its engine.
  2. Stretch your muscles and a light jog to tell your body, “Hey, we’re about to do something awesome!”
  3. After you’re done being a parkour star, cool down with more stretches to keep your muscles happy and ready for the next adventure.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Overcoming Common Challenges

When learning parkour, facing and overcoming challenges is part of the adventure. Here’s how you can tackle some common ones:

  • Mix your training, aim for new targets, and chat with seasoned parkour practitioners to jump past those progress plateaus.
  • Tackle fear head-on by slowly taking on trickier moves while nailing down the basics to build confidence.
  • Dodge those pesky sprains, cuts, and bruises by sticking to safety rules, warming up before starting, and tuning into what your body tells you.
  • Keep your parkour journey exciting by setting fresh challenges and objectives for yourself to conquer.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from experienced traceurs who can offer valuable insights and tips to improve your practice.

Advancing Your Skills

Advancing your skills in parkour is a thrilling journey that elevates you from mastering foundational skills to delving into more complex and creative techniques. It’s about challenging your limits and injecting your flair into every move.

To foster your growth, embrace the wealth of parkour resources available, including seasoned practitioners who can offer insights through workshops or classes. Such opportunities refine your skills and expand your creative vision, motivating you to blend various movements into a cohesive style that’s uniquely yours.

Additionally, advanced parkour competitions and performances serve as an ideal platform for those eager to test their abilities and connect with like-minded individuals. These venues spotlight your skills and provide priceless experiences to evolve, advance, and tackle new and exciting challenges.

Start Your Parkour Journey With Park N Play Design

Jumping into parkour is like starting a fantastic adventure that tests your body and mind. As you begin this exciting trip, remember to be patient, keep trying, and practice safely.

Every step in parkour helps you grow and show who you are, from your first leap to learning the trickiest moves. This journey is more than just doing incredible jumps; it’s a chance to keep getting better, to be creative, and to find your particular way in the world of parkour.

Parkour is about having fun and feeling good as you learn to overcome obstacles. Celebrate every significant moment, learn from the times you mess up, and let every step of the journey make you happier and brighter.

As you get better and want to try even harder, consider how using excellent equipment can help you improve. Park N Play Design has excellent parkour training equipment that’s made just for parks and playgrounds.

This stuff isn’t just for making things tougher; it’s for helping you practice safely and get really good at parkour in an organized and safe way.


How do people start parkour?

People start parkour by learning the basics of movement, balance, and safety. This often involves joining a local parkour group or class, watching tutorials, and practicing simple exercises to build strength and agility.

How long does it take to learn basic parkour?

The time it takes to learn basic parkour skills varies from person to person. With consistent practice, most can grasp the fundamentals within a few months. However, parkour is a journey of continuous learning and improvement.

How do people train for parkour?

Training parkour for a parkour athlete involves a combination of structured workouts for conditioning, mastering movements like jumps and vaults, and freeform practice to create fluid runs, all while emphasizing mental training to overcome fear and enhance spatial awareness. This holistic approach is vital for a parkour athlete, blending physical preparation with mental strategies for navigating environments creatively and safely.

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