How Much Does Commercial Playground Equipment Cost?

How Much Does Commercial Playground Equipment Cost?

Commercial playground equipment can cost anything from a few thousand dollars to more than a hundred thousand. The budget depends on several factors, primarily the nature of use, the number of children, and material cost. Playgrounds designed for toddlers 6-24 months will have different costs from those intended for children 5-12 years. Equipment brands also deliver varying material styles, so some are naturally more expensive than others.

Average Cost of Commercial Playground Equipment

The average cost of commercial playground equipment is often calculated per child. Space planners recommend $1,000 per child. If you expect ten children on the playground simultaneously, the cost would be $10,000.

Commercial outlets hosting more than 100 children could end up spending $150,000+. Such outlets may also need inclusive/accessible features and custom designs. Schools with larger playgrounds and more children using the equipment simultaneously may pay even more.

Community parks and homeowners association playgrounds are smaller and feature fewer users per session. Costs will depend on the features you want to include at the park. Each playground has unique needs, so all figures are subjective.

The equipment will take up a significant portion of the playground budget, so starting with a budgeted plan is vital. Setting the budget begins with outlining everything needed for the playground. The types of adventures you want the users to have will also impact costs.

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Determining the Cost/Budget for Playground Equipment

Basic adventure areas and play structures suit HOAs, hospitality venues, and multifamily housing. They cost much less than what's needed for first-class daycares, municipalities, schools, and high-end communities. Standard experiences sit somewhere in the middle. Here are some questions to answer when determining your budget:

•    How many children will use the playground?

•    Which play structures/activities do you need?

•    Will the playground need borders and ground cover?

•    What about installation and site preparation?

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Answering these questions will shape the budget from which you can draw equipment estimates. Having more structures and play activities will increase the budget. The size of each design also impacts costs. Larger structures require more material and may need additional support. The installation costs will also increase when the structure is bigger.

Playground equipment costs ultimately depend on how many children will use the facility and the types of adventures in place. Investing in top-of-the-line quality and custom designs will also cost you more. It’s vital to consult with a reputable playground equipment supplier from the start to compare quality versus cost.

Reputable Commercial Playground Equipment Supplier

When developing a new playground or adding new adventure areas and structures, you need professional help. Playground equipment is expensive, so you should focus on finding the best quality that will last decades, not years. Commercial outlets, schools, and HOAs can consult with suppliers and shop for the best deals. The goal is to find reliable suppliers and quality equipment.

Involving a playground equipment supplier early in the process is the best way to determine how much you’ll spend on specific structures. You can compare different options and alternatives to optimize the budget. Some suppliers also offer discounts if you choose the same company for installation.

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