Equipment Spotlight - GameTime ShadowPlay® TriRunner®

Equipment Spotlight - GameTime ShadowPlay® TriRunner®

Imagine growing up with a piece of equipment that simulates the sensations of flying. Thanks to the Play Engineers over at GameTime have developed a piece of equipment that can give our children a sense of freedom. A sense of flying. These types of sensations help to expand the imagination of our children. The SkyRunner provides an opportunity for children to experience new sensory stimulus.

The patent-pending design features three soft touch molded seats attached to the same ComfortGrip™ ropes found on our SkyRun® ZipTrack and ZipLine. As users spin around, the panels disperse fun shadows on the ground below.

So how does it work?

It's super simple. Children simply hop on the seats and can be pushed by adults or other children. Once enough momentum is gained, the true fun of flying begins!


  • Three comfortable seats encourage social, cooperative spinning play.
  • ShadowPlay® panels cast colorful shadows along the ground for additional sensory play element.
  • Constructed of durable, recyclable materials and backed by the industry's leading warranty.

If you're interested in including the Sensory Wave Ramp in your upcoming playground, or you want to add it to your existing playground, contact us.

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