Equipment Spotlight - GameTime Inclusive Whirl

Equipment Spotlight - GameTime Inclusive Whirl

Accessible, inclusive & loaded with sensory stimulation, all in one product.

The Importance of Spinning

Much like balancing, the motion of spinning is something that children from a very young age crave, seek, and enjoy.

Spinning has numerous positive effects on the brain and vestibular sensory processing system and is a sought after motion by children experiencing certain developmental or cognitive issues such as Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

It is important to add products that promote a variety of spinning and turning experiences in a fun , inclusive, and safe manner to your playground.

The Inclusive Whirl is a playground staple, similar to the merry-go-rounds we remember from our own childhoods. Luckily its design and development have come a long way over the years.

The Inclusive Whirl is a fully accessible forward, sideways, or backward facing spinning event for up to 12 users. It is a great way to add safe ground level motion to a playground while encouraging children to engage in social collaborative play.

In our experience as playground professionals, we often observe products like the Inclusive Whirl acting as an ice-breaker on the playground bringing groups of children together to take turns spinning each other

The Inclusive Whirl provides ease of access for people of all abilities with its zero entry design. The whirl surface platform is at ground level with no need for ramps or transfer mechanisms. It features bench seating (at transfer height), a large platform surface that exceeds the ADA requirement for turn-around space and handrails for users to grasp while spinning.

A family using the Inclusive Whirl

Inclusive and Accessible Features

  • Constructed of durable materials and backed by the industry's leading warranty
  • Easy-to-grasp bars for stability and turning
  • Transfer platform allows for easy access for non-ambulatory users and toddlers
  • "Stoppers" are fixed to the platform to stabilize wheelchairs beyond their brakes
  • Designed without foot traps
  • Inside bar and grip ledge at height that allows users in wheelchairs to hold on

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