Equipment Spotlight - Dual Sky Zip Track

Equipment Spotlight - Dual Sky Zip Track

Accessible, inclusive & loaded with sensory stimulation in one product - The Double Sky Run Zip Track

The Importance of Independent Motion

The success of Therapeutic Horseback Riding programs for non-ambulatory (unable to walk independently) children is due to the sensation of independent movement that the rider experiences while on the horse.

Sensory input, such as wind blowing in your face, and the independent experience of movement without a device or caregiver aid is invaluable to a child who is non-ambulatory.

Therapeutic riding, however, is expensive and not available to all who require it.

Having a GameTime Sky Run Zip Track with an inclusive chair provides public access to this sought after sensation.

This makes the Zip Track a perfect "play for all" product.

The GameTime double and single Zip Tracks come in a variety of lengths, and are available with an inclusive seat for accessibility as well as young riders.

The side by side tracks offer the ability to race against other users, further fostering relationships and inclusivity. The molded Zero Gravity Accessible Chair with the yoke is suitable for users up to the age of 12, and the Zip Line Disc seat is suitable for users 5+ as well as adults.

The SkyRun Zip Track offers a fun and exciting motion play activity that feels like flying through the air. The soft touch molded Zip Seat attached with ComfortGrip™ ropes provides a premium user experience.

Dual Sky Run Zip Track with Zero G Seat and Zip Seat


  • Promotes balance and coordination development
  • Develops gross and fine motor skills and enhances core strength
  • Allows for imaginary play
  • Available in single or double track options to allow for design flexibility
  • ADA compliant
  • Transfer platforms for accessibility
Dual Sky Run Zip Track at Harmon Park

If you're interested in including the Sky Run Zip Track in your upcoming playground, or you want to add it to your existing playground, contact us.

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