5 Traits to Look For In a Playground Build Partner

5 Traits to Look For In a Playground Build Partner

Planning the perfect playground requires your vision and creativity...but it also needs the right partner(s) to work with you to bring it all to life.

We’ve helped build hundreds of playgrounds across Canada and know what a difference finding the right partner for your project can make (and we pride ourselves on playing that role for all of our projects we work on!). Not sure what to look for when it comes to finding the right fit? Here’s a few critical things to make sure you can check off your list when searching for your playground build partner.

Look for a partner who can:

  1. Prove their expertise. You want to know your partner knows their stuff, and that includes understanding any local restrictions or regulations, identifying funding support opportunities, knowing and adhering to safety requirements, effectively troubleshooting and problem solving any challenges that may arise and providing modern ways to play, specific to your playground needs.
  2. Demonstrate their experience. Knowing you have a partner that can talk the talk and consistently walks the walk will give you more confidence and trust in the way you will be able to work together. Look for testimonials and project case studies to help see how their experience can relate to the goals you have for your playground.
  3. Lead and Follow. A solid build partner will respect your vision and, at the same time, help lead the project to success. That means helping manage timelines, expectations and challenges throughout the process.  
  4. Inspire Creativity. Part of the role of a playground is to help nurture the curiosity and creativity of those who play, of all ages and all abilities. Whether it’s creating fitness challenges, adding inclusive equipment or even integrating shade structures, being able to think outside the box when required can help bring your playground to a whole new level for everyone in the community.
  5. Have fun. It’s an important job you’re doing, to build fun. But it’s also just that: fun! And the process of bringing your vision to life should be as well. When you find a partner that is easy to get along with, is a good communicator and is as committed to the success of your playground as you are - that’s fun work!

There will be other elements, like budget, that will be important for you to consider in your decision, but these 5 key attributes can be a great first step to help guide your search for your playground build partner.

In our own projects, each of us are guided by these as our own principles. Curious to know more? We’d love to hear about your new playground ideas - connect with us and let’s chat!

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